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Creating and managing groups

Why use groups?

Groups help teachers to distribute books. If you're allocating a book to just one person, you don't need to create a group. But it's not practical to do this for each student in a class.

Each teacher needs to set up their own groups, the administrator cannot do this for them. To open your groups page, click Manage and choose Groups.


Creating a group

Your groups are listed here. You can list by A-Z or search by typing in all or part of the group name. You won't see other teachers' groups.

15 Groups

To add a group click Add group.

Choose a name for the new group that's convenient for you (Y10 English in this example). Click Create Group.

16 Group Details

Tick Make school group to make the group a shared school group rather than a personal group.Click Save changes.

Your new group is listed on the Groups page. You won't be able to use it until you have added members to it.

You can create as many groups as you want. Your teacher and student users can belong to several different groups.


Adding members to a group

Click on your group to go to the Group details page. You have two options for adding groups, Quick add or Add/Edit members.

Quick add

Click Quick add and type or paste in a list of people to add them to the group, one person per line. You can either enter the forename and surname or their username.

Click Next to see the list of students you have added. You can remove any of these by removing the tick next to their names. Click Add members to confirm the group members or Back to edit the list.

Add/Edit members

Click Add/Edit members. A list of all students will appear - use the filters to display the ones you're interested in.

If you filter by group you have the choice of selecting more than one group by clicking on the plus button next to the Group dropdown and matching the student to All or Any of the groups.

16 Match Any

One you have your filtered list of students, tick the ones you want to be in the group, or tick the box at the top to include them all.

The members aren't added until you click Apply changes. The number of students in your group is shown in the top-right corner. Click close when you have finished adding students.

The list of members is shown in the Group details page. Click Save changes to complete the process.

You can now allocate books to the group - see Finding and allocating books.


Viewing group details

To view the details of a group, click Manage and choose Groups and click on the group you want to view.

Here you can see the group's members, and details of the books they've been allocated.

17 Group Details 2


Editing groups

To edit the details of a group, click Manage and choose Groups and click on the group you want to edit.

You can edit the group name here and add or remove group members.

To add or remove group members, select the group and click Add/Edit members.

Tick or un-tick members as required and click Apply changes. Click Close.

To delete a group, tick the box next to the name in the Groups page and click Delete groups at the bottom-left of the page.