Case Studies

How schools are using RM Books to raise attainment

We've been visiting a number of schools across the country to see how they've been getting on with RM Books. 

Discover their experiences first-hand.

Harris Academy Dundee

Closing the attainment gap with interactive electronic textbooks via Glow

Harris Academy in Dundee is rising to the challenge of closing the attainment gap by using interactive textbooks within RM Books to engage and stimulate young people, especially those who are hard to reach.

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Hooked on reading with RM Books and Accelerated Reader™

Trentham High School in Stoke-on-Trent wanted to improve the reading ages of their students, especially in years 7 and 8. Their aim was to be inclusive of all students in their approach in order to develop their love of reading and to increase attainment even further. They saw the use of RM Books and Accelerated Reader™ as a positive move forward.

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Trentham High School
Shireland Book Notes

Add value to books using Book Note annotations

The Senior Leadership Team at Shireland Collegiate Academy were looking for a tool that could support their vision to flip the classroom. Flipped Learning is a pre-learning methodology designed to make the most of teaching time, enabling students learn the subject at home and debate it in the classroom.

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Raising Standards with white, British, free school meal students at Manchester Academy

70% of students at Manchester Academy have English as an Additional Language, so it is no small challenge for the academy to supply relevant, inspiring books for a wide range of reading levels. RM Books is the perfect solution to meet the needs of all their students and since introducing the ebook solution in September 2013, the academy has seen immediate results.

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Manchester Academy
Victoria Park

RM Books for all ages at Victoria Park

RM Education’s ground-breaking ebook solution for schools has seen children at Victoria Park Primary Academy in the West Midlands running into school in the morning, desperate to talk about the books they have been reading at home. For a school with children speaking over 40 different languages and many reluctant readers, it’s a big transformation.

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Use RM Books and Accelerated Reader™ to accelerate reading

In 2014 Manor Court Primary School introduced RM Books as a tool to widen the breadth of books available to their students. The school was looking for something that would boost literacy and add to the engagement of their students. As they already use the Accelerated Reader™ software with their students, they were impressed by the links between RM Books and Accelerated Reader™.

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Manor Court
Shireland Collegiate Part Two

Chapter & verse

Using ebooks to engage and raise standards in reading. Shireland Collegiate Academy introduced RM Books to deliver flipped learning, sharply focused interventions, independent learning and transition. We revisit the academy almost 12 months on to see how they’ve been getting on.

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Parent pounds fund a reading revolution

A special offer from RM and a fantastic team of PTA fundraisers have contributed to a reading revolution at Little Aston Primary School in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. The motto of the school is ‘Achieving Together’, and it prides itself on its positive partnership with the parents of its 200-plus children. When the school heard about RM’s “We’ll raise you £50…” offer (match-funding every £250 raised by PTAs to spend on RM Books), Little Aston’s PTA rose to the challenge magnificently, bringing in a total of over £2,000.

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Little Aston
St Paul's and Holy Trinity Schools

How RM Books is being used to boost attainment levels in two very different London primary schools.

Simon Knowles is Executive Headteacher of two London primary schools, St Paul's CE Primary School in Camden and Holy Trinity CE Primary School in Haringey. The two schools’ demographics are very different, but they both face the same challenge – getting their children to the next level, whether that means stretching the more able students or working with reluctant, struggling learners.

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Access all areas at St Julian’s

A forward-thinking Welsh secondary school has enlisted the support of RM Books to help it rise to the challenge of a national and international drive towards excellence in literacy. St Julian’s, an 11-18 school in Newport, is using RM’s pioneering ebook solution across the curriculum and in all areas of the school. It’s creating a real buzz about reading and learning and a shift in perception among the students, as books step into the 21st century.

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St Julian's
Shirelands Collegiate

RM Books to deliver flipped learning

Following a ground-breaking pilot using RM Books to deliver flipped learning, sharply focused interventions, independent learning at 16+ and support for students in the transition process, 220 Shireland students were asked what they thought about RM Books:

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Using RM Books to stretch more able students

St Paul's CE Primary School is situated next to Primrose Hill Park in the London Borough of Camden. It is a popular and oversubscribed, one form entry, primary school with a current roll of 210 children. A key focus for staff at St Paul’s is to progress their children to the next level, with some reaching level 6 in Literacy before leaving primary school.

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St Paul's
Babington College

Raising aspirations through differentiated reading using RM Books

Babington Community College decided to introduce RM Books as they felt that for certain students, reading was a barrier to achieving the highest possible results. They wanted to capture the use of mobile technology that students are using every day both at home and at school.

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