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New English Curriculum - book lists to help you

The English curriculum for schools in England is changing. By September 2016, all maintained schools in England must teach the revised programmes of study.

To help you find resources suitable for the revised curriculum, we've put together some reading lists. Each book links to its ebook in RM Books. This makes it quicker for you to find the books you and your colleagues need.

Your teachers can use it to speed-up allocating the right books to their students. You could also use the list to quickly put reading-for-pleasure books into your school elibrary. 


Key Stage 3

  • Classic titles
  • William Shakespeare
  • Poets
  • Seminal World Literature
  • Books for 14+ Readers
  • History
  • Crime/Thriller/Horror
  • Mystery/Adventure/Action 
  • Short Stories
  • Fantasy/Sci-fi
  • Family/Real Life Issues/Coming of Age

Key Stage 3 New English Curriculum Book List >> 


Key Stage 2

Books listed by:

  • 5+ Readers (Reluctant Readers)
  • 7+ Readers
  • 9+ Readers
  • 11+ Readers
  • Classics

 Key Stage 2 New English Curriculum Book List >> 



Poetry is an essential aspect of the English curriculum at all levels - from KS1 to A level English Literature. 

Key Stage 1 and 2 Poetry book list >>

Key Stage 3 Poetry book list >>

(Note: please see individual listings of poetry on the various book lists produced for GCSE/A level English Literature and English Language and Literature)


Scottish Texts for the New National 5 and Higher English courses

SQA has created a list of Scottish texts to be used in National 5 and Higher English courses, including drama, prose and poetry. Students will answer questions on a range of literature from Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson to The Testament of Gideon Mack by James Robertson.

See the full range of Scottish set texts here:


Scottish Texts for the New National 5 and
Higher English courses >>



Electronic Textbooks

Textbooks are especially useful in electronic format: By adding Book Notes overlay video, sound, text, links, discussion and comprehension checking quizzes, effectively, you can make the textbook the navigation spine for your course, linking off to other resources as required. Student can also make their own notes into their copy, highlight, look-up words and bookmark pages.

Take a look at the fantastic selection that is available



Revision Guides

Help your students get ahead for their upcoming exams by giving them access to our selection of Revision Guides.

Targeted, effective support can help students achieve the best results and all content is written by highly experienced authors and examiners.

These guides combine an overview of the course syllabus with advice from experts on how to improve exam performance. 

Revision Guides for A Level courses >>

Revision Guides for GCSE and iGCSE courses >>

Revision Guides for Scottish National 5 and Higher
courses >>



PSHE in schools enables students to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe, and prepare for life and work. The successful delivery of PSHE programmes have an impact on both academic and non-academic outcomes for pupils, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

The three core themes are:

  • health and wellbeing
  • relationships
  • living in the wider world (including economic wellbeing and aspects of careers education).

We have created the folllowing book lists to support the delivery of PSHE. They include resources for both students and teachers: 

We also have the following book packs available for your school library:



World War History

We have produced a recommended list of World War I and World War II primary and secondary titles to support Remembrance Day this November. 


See the WWI primary and secondary book list here >>

See the WWII primary and secondary book list here >>


Engaging reading for boys

Ebooks have measurable impact on boys' literacy levels, reading confidence, enjoyment and engagement, according to a new study published by the National Literacy Trust on the 9th December 2015.


Read the NLT’s research news summary>>

Read the NLT’s research report in full>>


As a result of the findings of this study, we have put together this suggested list of books that are particularly suited to boys of all ages.

Great reads for boys>>


Engaging reading for girls

Our list of books for girls features titles with plenty of girl appeal to balance our existing Great Reads for Boys book list.

Our recommendations include titles for all ages, some of which have compelling females as the central character.

Great reads for girls >>


Must read football books

Football and Reading: not usually considered the best of friends. But maybe they should be. So, here is a selection of football titles to ensure that young readers can give their brains a bit of a work out while feeding their passion for the Beautiful Game.


See the must read list of football books>>


Must read sports books

Here is a selection of sports titles to ensure that young readers can give their brains a bit of a work out! Whether you prefer netball or football, cycling or extreme sports, there's something for everyone on our list, which is perfect for children of all ages.


See the must read list of sports books>>


Online Safety

The internet is such a wonderful resource for both students and teachers alike. However educating primary school students about online safety can often be a challenge. Internet safety is now part of the primary curriculum so we have put together a selection of titles that we hope will be of use.

See the list of online safety resources for students and teachers here>>


Topical books for Primary

These lists help you find resources to support key dates relevant to the Primary curriculum.

Each month we pull out key anniversaries, events and special days, show you which parts of the National Curriculum they relate to, and give you links to useful Primary topic and subject books. 

Click on the title to be taken directly to the book where you can preview it.

Put books you like into your wishlist within RM Books, so you can find them quickly later. 

As most books are available on short-term rental (from only pence), you only pay for when you cover the topic, making your budget go further. 

A whiteboard licence type is available for most books, so renting yourself the books for a week is a very cost effective way to provide additional WCT resources.

Primary topical resources for September

Books listed for:

  • The Great Fire of London - September 2nd
  • Roald Dahl Day - September 13th
  • International Talk Like a Pirate Day - September 19th

See the September booklist >>


Primary topical resources for August

Books listed for:

  • Back to School (Scottish schools) - August
  • International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and of its Abolition - August 23rd

See the August booklist >>


Primary topical resources for July

Books listed for:

  • Oxfam Water Week - this can happen at any time of the year but the summer term (especially July) works well
  • Id ul-Fitr - July 7th
  • International Friendship Day - July 30th
  • Emily Brontë's Birthday - July 30th

See the July booklist >>


Primary topical resources for June

Books listed for:

  • World Environment Day - June 5th
  • D Day Anniversary - June 6th
  • National School Grounds Week (minibeast hunt) - June 6th to June 10th
  • World Oceans Day - June 8th
  • Father's Day - June 19th
  • Armed Forces Day - June 25th

See the June booklist >>


Primary topical resources for May

Books listed for:

  • VE Day - May 8th
  • Europe Day - May 9th
  • Florence Nightingale's Birthday - May 12th

See the May booklist >>


Primary topical resources for April

Books listed for:

  • Anniversary of the Titanic's sinking
  • The Queen's birthday
  • Earth Day
  • Shakespeare's birthday
  • International Astronomy Day

See the April booklist >>


Primary topical resources for March

Books listed for:

  • British Science Week (March 10th to March 19th)
  • World Poetry Day (March 21st)
  • World Water Day (March 22nd)
  • Mother's Day (March 26th)

See the March booklist >>


Primary topical resources for February

Books listed for:

  • Heart Month (February)
  • Charles Dickens's Birthday (February 7th)
  • Safer Internet Day (February 7th)
  • Charles Darwin's Birthday (February 12th)

See the February booklist >>


Primary topical resources for January

Happy New Year to everybody. We hope that 2016 is going to be a great year for you. 

Books listed for:

  • World Religion Day (January 15th)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 16th)
  • Australia Day (January 26th)

See the January booklist >>


Primary topical resources for December

We have included a list of resources to keep children engaged during the festive season. Students will be able to enjoy this magical time of the year by reading some of the fantastic titles we have on offer from a wide range of publishers.

Also, teachers can show these resources on their whiteboard which is perfect for whole class teaching. We have produced a list of both fiction and non-fiction titles for you to enjoy.

See the December booklist >>


Primary topical resources for November

Books listed for:

  • Diwali - October 30th to November 3rd
  • Bonfire Night - November 5th
  • World Nursery Rhyme Week - November 7th to November 11th
  • Anti-Bullying Week - November 14th to November 18th

See the November booklist >>


Primary topical resources for October

Books listed for:

  • World Animal Day - October 4th
  • National Poetry Day - October 6th
  • World Space Week - October 4th to October 10th
  • The Battle of Hastings - October 14th
  • World Food Day - October 16th
  • Halloween - October 31st

See the October booklist >>