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RM Books provides a wide selection of Accelerated Reader™ quizzed books that schools can cost-effectively rent for short time periods.

Using RM Books and Accelerated Reader Apps together within RM Unify enables students to click the "Take the Quiz" button within RM Books to be sent across to the corresponding book quiz within Accelerated Reader, without needing to type their Accelerated Reader username and password.

Provide students choice

If you subscribe to Renaissance Learning's popular Accelerated Reader™ system you can use RM Books to quickly and cost-effectively provide your students a much larger range of AR™ quizzed books than you will have available in your school's paper library collection. 

Student choice is key to engaging reluctant readers in reading.

Students can use the Bookshop's left hand Accelerated Reader filter to find books at their level, then combine that with Interest Age to choose age-appropriate content, keyword searches, and any of the other filters to narrow their search. 


Grant requests, from 23p

Books that students choose can either be:

  • borrowed from the school's elibrary, or
  • requested by filling in the Request a book form

Teachers see all book requests coming through on a single screen. They can then either:

  • add requested books to the school libary, or
  • allocate the requested book to each student for a short-term rental. 

Where there are lots of requests to read a particular title at the same time, it will be more cost effective to allocate the title to students who requested it than put multiple copies into the library.


Take the Quiz

If you have RM Unify, our single sign-on system, and you have added the RM Books and Accelerated Reader Apps to your students' launch pads:

Once the book has been read, your students just click the "Take the Quiz" button to jump straight across to Accelerated Reader to take the test.

Student don't not need to worry about further login credentials as they are not required - RM Books 'talks' to Accelerated Reader through RM Unify. 

Teachers can see students' quiz results by clicking the Accelerated Reader App directly from RM Unify.


(Please make sure you allow pop-ups from RM Books, RM Unify and Accelerated Reader in your browser.)


How to get AR™ and RM Books working together

Before you start, please ensure you are using Accelerated Reader™  and RM Books as two apps within RM Unify.


You'll need to order RM Unify if you don't yet have it. 

  • Complete the RM Unify Premium set-up, including installing the RM Unify AD Sync Agent
  • Force a network password reset to get all your network users populated in RM Unify

If you're currently using RM Books standalone and not through RM Unify, you can "brownfield" migrate your RM Books account into RM Unify.

  • Start the brownfield migration from RM Books > Manage > Moving to RM Unify
  • You'll then match all your users from your standalone RM Books account to your school's network users in RM Unify. 

If you're currently using Accelerated Reader™ standalone and not through RM Unify, you can add AR™ to RM Unify using the free of charge RM Unify single sign on Connector.

  • From the RM Unify App Library, choose to add the AR™ tile
  • Tell RM Unify your school's AR™ site details during the installation process for the AR™ tile, typing your Renaissance Place ID (RPID) into the Establishment Key field.
  • More information on where to locate your RPID can be found here.

Set-up: step 1

Ensure your students and teachers can access Accelerated Reader™ via RM Unify:

  • The first time a user accesses AR™ via RM Unify they will be asked for their normal AR™ username and password.
  • For each subsequent time they can just click on the tile to access AR™ without requiring a password.

New users still need to be created in AR™ and added to classes in the normal way. A new user will only need their AR™ username/password for their first access via RM Unify to link the account.


Set-up: step 2

Once your staff and students can access AR™ and RM Books via RM Unify, you now need to tell RM Books about your AR URL by adding it to your school details page in RM Books:

  • Go to RM Books > Manage > School details
  • Paste in your school's unique AR URL
  • Click Save Changes



Once the link above is filled in, when your students sign-in to RM Books they will see an additional "Take the quiz" button next to the book detail page for AR™ books.

Clicking this button will take them straight through to AR™, sign them in, and open the corresponding quiz page for that book, ready for the student to do the quiz.


Useful links


Case studies:

  • Manor Court Primary has been using RM Books and Accelerated Reader together to improve their students' reading, see the case study here >>
  • Manchester Academy used the Book Requests feature to engage their reluctant readers, resulting in over 9 months reading progress during their 5 month pilot. See their results and their recipe >> 

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