RM Books

ebook system for schools

RM Books provides UK education establishments with access to school ebooks and the management tools with which to allocate them to staff and students. The service has been designed specifically for schools and will help transform how schools find, rent/purchase, distribute and read books. RM Books was established by RM, which has been helping teachers to teach and learners to learn for nearly 40 years.

RM was established in 1973 by Mike Fischer and Mike O'Regan. Originally the company supplied electrical components to hobbyists, but soon started building machines for the scientific, research and education market. By 1977 they built RM's first school computer and we've been supplying ICT to schools ever since. RM Books is a part of a proud history of technological innovation in education.

Registered Office

RM Books
140 Eastern Avenue
Milton Park
OX14 4SB
United Kingdom

Telephone: 08450 700300
Fax: 08450 700400

Registered Number: 05259733
VAT Number: GB 139872961